Showcasing STEAM Success


A STEAM event day like “Polar Day” is used as articulation and provides information to the community.

There is also potential for parents and community members to sit in on portfolio presentations at the end of each year.

On a regular basis projects are on display.

Parent meetings at the start of each year where a “Hands-on” event is used to share information and build interest in the STEAM program.

Conscious effort is made to increase female participation in the program.

Key Strengths

  • Parent engagement is a strategy to increase awareness of STEAM success and to help recruit under-represented students to the school.


Project Based Learning Showcases highlight culminating projects across the curriculum, answering the grade levels driving questions. Staff and administration work together to produce these events.

Key Strengths

  • Project Based Learning projects are the anchor for the showcasing of student learning.


Student portfolio presentations serve as a culminating activity for students. Students present the digital projects assembled across the school year.

A STEAM expert and community member hears the student presentation. The projects are then displayed to share with the school community and community at large.

In addition, parents and community members are invited to “sit in” on portfolio presentations at the end of each year where projects are displayed.

Key Strengths

  • Incorporation of parents and a STEAM expert increase accountability of students and engage the community in STEAM successes.


This MS hosts a STEAM NIGHT where each June, incoming 7th and 8th grade families are invited to an informational presentation of the STEAM elective.

This event provides an opportunity to set the tone for the STEAM culture. Curriculum is reviewed, current student portfolios shared, and program needs are communicated to the group.

The event shares the passion for the program and need of our society for the future. Staff gives facts and figures supporting the STEAM elective. The needs of the program are posted on the school website.

Key Strengths

  • A STEAM Night for incoming 7th and 8th grade families builds stakeholder buy-in and enthusiasm for the program.


Success in the science fair at the county and national level further promotes the success of the school's STEAM students.

The Middle School is proud of the two STEAM students that received the Broadcom Award, the most prestigious national science award given at the middle school level.

Success shared with our community has built demand for participation.

Key Strengths

  • Student recognitions through projects, awards, and science fairs has developed a demand for STEAM in the community.


  • Official recognitions and awards build excitement and interest in the STEAM program in the school community.


The MS conducts Celebrations of Learning in place of conferences.

Their Design Expos in the gym showcasing student work are Winter and Spring.

Students bring design and art projects to display and present an the entire community is invited.

All activities are student run with teacher support and facilitation.

Key Strengths

  • Community involvement in student-run showcases put the students at the center of sharing STEAM learning.

Currently, there are no examples for High School.